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Remi Valois, RMT

Medical Massage & Laser Therapy

  • 367 Coppermine Crescent
  • Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
  • S7K 4L5
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A multidisciplinary approach to health & wellness

medical massage

Massage therapy is a practice dating back to ancient history. Medical massage is outcome-based massage, primarily, specific treatments targeted to specific problems.

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laser therapy

Laser therapy, or cold laser therapy, is low-power laser light applied to specific areas of the body. Helps promote quicker healing and reduce inflammation and pain.

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cupping therapy

The Myofascial Cupping Technique™, unlike traditional cupping techniques, encourages healing by creating a negative pressure or suction on the skin.

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grace cosmetics

Vivian Valois

independent distributor
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about remi

Remi Valois is a registered massage therapist with 30 years experience as well as a practicing
honorary member of the Massage Association Therapy of Saskatchewan (MTAS). Over the decades, he has
integrated different techniques to treat numerous ailments.

As a laser therapist, Remi has been using cold laser therapy on people & pets for
different conditions with remarkable results. He is a practitioner of Theralase, BioFlex and
Lightforce laser therapy systems.

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